One Day Trip To South Carolina

From my One Day Trip To South Carolina. So my sister came into town after a longggggggg time of not seeing each other (11 Years). So we took a trip to the beach  Hilton Head SC. This beach is so pretty so I had to take photos.

One Day Trip To South Carolina

 I know its been over 8 months since my last post I know right where have I been. Honestly just living my life working on my self, my business (The Phone Society) and trying to find a man lol. Life has really given me a lot this year and has taken away a lot but all and all I’m here with the smile and pictures to prove it.

One Day Trip To South Carolina

Hat: Haggar    Shirt: Faded Glory   Shorts: Faded Glory    Shoes:  Watch: Apple

Yellow Is Definitely My Color

[large_title title=”Yellow Is Definitely My Color”]

So last week I had a weekend long of great fashions. I got the chance to actually wear the things I purchase #thankssears. Seriously though I searched really hard to find a great outfit for my night out because I hadn’t been out in a while and haven’t been out with friends in even longer than that. Im sorry to really just go on and on but this yellow is the  and yellow is definitely my color for real (thanks Tamar.) We went out to eat which I tried my best not to dirty ( I have the big issue with spilling things on myself) and then partied the night away at on of our favorite club where the drinks are strong and the music always well lets say not always the best.


Shirt:USPA           Shorts :USPA                  Shoes:USPA

Fall Looks Great On Me..

but its only temporary. Fall Looks Great On Me but i’m not a fan of wearing lots of clothes and long pants are just way too restricting for my liking. So almost all year long I wear shorts, all my friends think Im crazy but I don’t care because me and long pants have always had a hard struggle. My friend (in my head) Notoriously Dapper has had the same issue with jeans as me. Trying to find jeans that fit around the thigh and butt area is a huge issue, and because most brands don’t design there clothes with us in mind the fit is usually off. So I didn’t go all that far to find the jeans but Im taking baby steps to get into this jeans thing. Im also going to try and label clothes more so that if you like my style you can go get them as well. I decided today that I would start blogging again. Hope you all like the new design and all the new features, I’ve spent a really long time working on this site. Any who today Fall Looks Good On Me but for now I am wearing…

Hat: C.C. Exclusives  Sweater :Old Navy  Joggers: Amplify   Shoes: Levis


The Day I Found Pat Flynn

Man honestly I don’t remember when I actually found Pat Flynn but I think it was around November or December of 2014.  Either way since finding Pat Flynn I have found my true purpose in life and in business. I owe a’lot to you. Smart Passive Income is his website go check it out. On Wednesday June 24 my question was featured on Ask Pat a spin off of SPI which he takes questions from the listeners.

I was featured on Ask Pat episode 0372: Where Do I Find My Podcast Stats? Listen below. Empowerment Through Knowledge

My Greenville Getaway

So this weekend I decide to get a rental and drive to Greenville,SC. I really enjoyed myself it was my first alone trip so I was excited about that factor. Got there to a great host. I was taken downtown and it was very nice is was a mix of Atlanta, Brooklyn and a down home country feel all at the same. Did a nightlife at Club South 29 which I had amazing music. Thanks Valentine!!!