2014 Atlanta Gay Pride

This day was full of new adventures. My friends got me needs to get on the Marta which I wasn’t happy about but it was new it shake the lot but I made it then I saw the parade length about a new candidate in the Democratic Party I think that’s it.

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Busy Bee I Be

I have spent the last few weeks revamping my business from the ground up so that where I’ve been you can support by checking out http://thephonesociety.com. In the mean while Im back Shirt: Rocawear       Shorts: Tasso Ella Island Collection        Shoes: Jehair

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Fly XL Society

I start a new group on Facebook called “Fly XL Society” in honor of my bigger men. I wanted a place where I can express my love for fashion also well as help out men of Size some better fashion style along the way and what ever else come out of this will be a…

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