About ME


Speaking to people
who have been ignored

Hello, I guess I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Kirklan Hawes the Founder and creator of XLTribe.com. XLTribe.com is a premium destination for all things Plus Men Fashion related. WE provide a place where the plus man can find all the things we need to to finally feeling good about ourself. The site was birthed from an old idea I had to create a community of like-minded guys that was tired of being miss represent and wanted to be displayed in the truest form. Changing the way Big & Tall Men are perceived is the goal for XLTribe.com. Now that formed into me creating a design firm that built on help out men create their tribe.


Kirk is one of my favorite photographers! He is hilarious, he knows when he has the shot, he’s patient, and he’ll actually show you shots during the shoot. He is a pleasure to work with and you will have a great experience if you book with him!

Seth – November 2, 2018



Changing The Perception
Of XL Men

Its important that we continue to push forward with the notion that Black Men indeed do Smile. All of 2019 is going to be spent curating images just like the ones you see here. So lets work together to change that. If you have a group of friends and you'll would like to be photographed hit me up for a group discount. 

Let’s make magic !!!

One thing design doesn't have to be is expensive.