Scope Mouthwash Final Cost = $1.50

The Kroger Plus card has some really great deals some times. The scope mouthwash 750mL is currently $3.00 so after.. Read more

You Never Know Who’s Looking

So as the days by it gets more real. I have a long way to go on this journey. I.. Read more

Friday In Columbus

In the country of the county in Catula GA. Its the city right outside of the Columbus. It was as.. Read more

My Saturday Outing: Four Days Late

Hanging out on a Sunny day in South GA. I know these pictures are way late but posting them at.. Read more

Trying Something New

This is my more professional look what do you think. I really like this look for me so much. I.. Read more

Man In Purple

I choose purple. I just love the color on me. 

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