Coupon 101 For Beginners

The first rule of advice I have learned is retrain your brain. You no longer buy what you like to buy it’s whats on sale and which item has a coupon on it. Like the picture above . The Scope mouthwash is on sale for $3.00 and the scope coupon is $1.00 off any 750ML or greater. This is how u start, when you go to the grocery store get the sale paper then when you get the sunday paper match them up with the coupons. Thats how u get the most savings by finding the items that are already on sale before your coupon. The deodorant below is on sale for $1.00 and I had a dollar off coupon that made the product free.

Entry:6 Life’s A Bitch Thats Why My Post are Full Of Misspellings

It amazing how well you think you know someone just put them in a interesting situation and there true colors will shine like the sun. From the time I knew you until now I always stood by you as a friend I may have not liked things about you but I never left you, anything you ever need if I had it you could have it as well. But now that I have a difference of opinion you want to go talk shit . I will and forever be who I am. Run and tell that. Lets see where this takes us