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One Day Trip To South Carolina

From my One Day Trip To South Carolina. So my sister came into town after a longggggggg time of not.. Read more

Yellow Is Definitely My Color

[large_title title=”Yellow Is Definitely My Color”] So last week I had a weekend long of great fashions. I got the.. Read more

Fall Looks Great On Me..

but its only temporary. Fall Looks Great On Me but i’m not a fan of wearing lots of clothes and.. Read more

The Day I Found Pat Flynn

Man honestly I don’t remember when I actually found Pat Flynn but I think it was around November or December.. Read more

My Friends Graduation

One of my very good friend Ro graduation from an HBCU last week and this was the outfit that I.. Read more

Fly XL Society

I start a new group on Facebook called “Fly XL Society” in honor of my bigger men. I wanted a.. Read more

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