Daily Style

Bear Skn Kinda Weekend

I know this post is long overdue longggggggg overdue but Here is my Florida vacation/sisters b-day trip/ working my BFF’s.. Read more

Twice At This Healthy Life

Twice At This Healthy Life So Cindy decided that I needed to workout again twice in a week so I said.. Read more

Chicago Birthday Trip Day 1

Chicago Birthday Trip Day 1 Day 1 in Chicago wasn’t very eventful because I was so tired from the night.. Read more

All Blue

So I’ve been missing in action hard at work on myself dealing with the bullshit of life. But I’m back.. Read more

Fall Looks Great On Me..

but its only temporary. Fall Looks Great On Me but i’m not a fan of wearing lots of clothes and.. Read more

I Found Euphoria

  Today I was feeling really good. I was tired and had no care in the world. I found an.. Read more

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