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  • Date:  19 October 2015
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Fall Looks Great On Me..

but its only temporary. Fall Looks Great On Me but i’m not a fan of wearing lots of clothes and long pants are just way too restricting for my liking. So almost all year long I wear shorts, all my friends think Im crazy but I don’t care because me and long pants have always had a hard struggle. My friend (in my head) Notoriously Dapper has had the same issue with jeans as me. Trying to find jeans that fit around the thigh and butt area is a huge issue, and because most brands don’t design there clothes with us in mind the fit is usually off. So I didn’t go all that far to find the jeans but Im taking baby steps to get into this jeans thing. Im also going to try and label clothes more so that if you like my style you can go get them as well. I decided today that I would start blogging again. Hope you all like the new design and all the new features, I’ve spent a really long time working on this site. Any who today Fall Looks Good On Me but for now I am wearing…

Hat: C.C. Exclusives  Sweater :Old Navy  Joggers: Amplify   Shoes: Levis

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