My First Trip To Broadway

It was an experience I will never forget, the day I meet my idol !!!!! The day started at about 3am or so I got dressed and requested a Lyft to take me to the train station. After 30 mins or so in the TSA line made it through this time ( last week I missed my flight and had to reschedule the entire trip for this week.) I landed in Philadelphia safely where the hassle of the day started . First I couldn’t find the Avis office then once I found it there was no cars for rent just twelve passenger vehicles. 

I finally got into a Kia Sportera and made my way to New York. When I headed to the Ambassbor Theatre to Purchase ticket to see Brandy as Roxie Hart in Chicago. I being A fellow New Yorkan was very displeased with the foul odor that was everywhere. The streets are dirty as all hell but I had one goal in mind see Brandy and tell her how much I loved her. If you follow her on any social media platform you will know that she greets all her fans after the show which might I add made me love her even more. We began to enter the theatre and then the curtains open.  I wanted to scream go Brandy so bad but you cant yell in the theatre. After the show I waited with a tens of fans to get that one glorious moment where we get to meet her.  


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