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  • Date:  29 October 2015
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Yellow Is Definitely My Color

[large_title title=”Yellow Is Definitely My Color”]

So last week I had a weekend long of great fashions. I got the chance to actually wear the things I purchase #thankssears. Seriously though I searched really hard to find a great outfit for my night out because I hadn’t been out in a while and haven’t been out with friends in even longer than that. Im sorry to really just go on and on but this yellow is the bomb.org  and yellow is definitely my color for real (thanks Tamar.) We went out to eat which I tried my best not to dirty ( I have the big issue with spilling things on myself) and then partied the night away at on of our favorite club where the drinks are strong and the music always well lets say not always the best.


Shirt:USPA           Shorts :USPA                  Shoes:USPA

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